Multitouch framework for Unity3d and Flash

TouchScript was developed by Valentin Simonov at Interactive Lab to:

  • Provide a reliable way to code multitouch interfaces on large touch surfaces.
  • Handle complex interactions between gestures.
  • Support different input methods.
  • Take into account differences between a large touch surface and an iPad.

TouchScript is much more than a handful of routines to receive touch events from different sources. Inspired by iOS, TouchScript makes handling complex gesture interactions on large touch surfaces much easier. Unity3d and Flash implementations are developed to work together in Scaleform environment.


  • Easy and intuitive API.
  • Works on PC (Windows 7 and Windows 8), Mac, iOS, Android and Windows RT.
  • Doesn't require Unity Pro.
  • Supported input sources: TUIO, mouse, mobile (iOS, Android, WinRT) and native Windows touch.
  • Groups touch points into clusters on big touch surfaces.
  • Manages simultaneous gesture recognition within scene hierarchy (inspired by iOS).
  • Comes with many commonly used gestures. Easy to write custom ones.
  • Easy to test multitouch gestures without actual multitouch device using built-in second touch simulator (activated with Alt+click), TUIOPad on iOs or TUIODroid on Android.
  • It's free and open-source. Licensed under MIT license.
  • And more...

Please refer to TouchScript wiki for more info and tutorials.