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TouchScript.Gestures Namespace

Public classFlickGesture
Recognizes fast movement before releasing pointers. Doesn't care how much time pointers were on surface and how much they moved.
Public classGesture
Base class for all gestures.
Public classGestureGestureEvent
Unity event for gesture state changes.
Public classGestureStateChangeEventArgs
Event arguments for Gesture state change events.
Public classLongPressGesture
Gesture which recognizes a point cluster which didn't move for specified time since it appeared.
Public classMetaGesture
Converts Pointer events for target object into separate events to be used somewhere else.
Public classMetaGestureEventArgs
EventArgs for MetaGesture events.
Public classPressGesture
Recognizes when an object is touched. Works with any gesture unless a Delegate is set.
Public classReleaseGesture
Recognizes when last pointer is released from target. Works with any gesture unless a Delegate is set.
Public classTapGesture
Recognizes a tap.